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Jade Bowl with Silver base
Ref. 1320135.1

Bowl of contemporary design in Jade stone with a base in 925 silver.
Produced in Portugal.

Finishing: Polished.
Dimensions: 7cm x Ø 12,50cm.
38 gr.
Silver objects deserve special care in order to preserve them without risking losing the beauty that characterizes them.
It is important that you use sponges or soft cloths to clean the silver, as harsher materials may scratch or damage your pieces.
You may also use a special cloth to wipe silver like a flannel or a microfiber cloth instead of a plain cotton cloth.

In the case of cutlery and serving pieces, as they are in contact with food, you must first run them through water after any use because there are several elements that corrode silver such as vinegar, lemon or salt.

The cutlery can then be washed in the dishwasher at a medium temperature and after rinsing, they must be dried with a soft cloth.

You can also use your own glove or silver cleaning cloth, at the end.
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