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Prices, Safety and Payments

All prices in our store are presented in EURO €. The final price is fixed and will be charged in EURO €.
The available price for each product does not include transportation costs, but includes VAT rates in Portugal (23%).


Alcino Silversmith Since 1902 reserves the right to change prices of products that are for sale. The prices of the products are, during the accomplishment of an order and confirmation, valid throughout the purchase process.


All transactions carried out in our online store are forwarded to a secure online banking system, provided by Easypay (, a payment institution, licensed and supervised by the Bank of Portugal, duly authorized to provide the service in all countries of the SEPA area.


Easypay accepts the following payment methods:

- ATM;
- Paypal;
- SEPA Direct Debit;
- VISA, MasterCard, Maestro Credit Card;

Alcino Silversmith Since 1902 does not keep the credit card numbers or any kind of information related to the act of payment.