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Sacred Art

We dedicate substancial part of our work to the creation of unique pieces of Sacred Art.
Since the sixties we have produced pieces by order, either under our design or by the design of renowned Artists.
There are works executed for several Churches in Portugal and in Europe: Liturgical Apparatuses, Sacraries, Chairs and Altares in silver, etc.

Part of our Assets can be admired in the Church of Cedofeita in Porto, the Church of Marco Canavezes by design of the Architect Siza Vieira, among others.

In the words of D. Armindo Lopes Coelho, former Bishop of Oporto, on the occasion of the launch of the commemorative book of our 100th anniversary:
"(...) Having embelished houses, Museums and private collections with numerous works and having carried out works that the Country knows and that are national heritage, Manuel Alcino has merged with members of the hierarchy of the Church and enriched Churches in the name of the Liturgy, faith and devotion, has made beautiful pieces for Bishops and Priests with their respective insignia and implements, and is part of those who think and discuss, design and execute elements of Sacred Art.
He is a Master in this School."

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